Week 9 Term 1 2018

March 14, 2018

Working BeeWhat a wonderful turn out we had for our Working Bee. Firstly a huge thank you to our fantastic hard working MEEC committee ( ee photo of 2 of the combatents!) who not only helped during the morning but organised everything in the lead up. The morning flowed smoothly with all jobs being completed and this was due to the wonderful organisational skills of the committee.
A big thank you to all the parents also who gave up their time and came and worked solidly all morning. Our environment looks wonderful and it is such a joy to see all the families joining in and having fun at the same time. Our Montessori community certainly comes together when needed, so thank you again.

Camp Quality Puppet Show

We had the Camp Quality Puppet Show visiting our centre and all the Pre-School classes had a half hour show. Both students and teachers enjoyed the show and it taught the students how to be supportive and understanding of children impacted by cancer – all of which prevents bullying and exclusion. Don’t forget Term 1 finishes this Thursday with all classes finishing at 12 and no afternoon class in the Early Starters room. Everyone is invited to Halliday
Park(next to Mitcham Primary) shortly after 12 to celebrate the end of Term 1. Term 2 begins for the students on Tuesday 17 April. Enjoy the holidays and have fun playing with your  children/child over the break.


  • Thursday 29 March: Term One finishes
  • Tuesday 17 April: Students return for Term Two
  • Tuesday April 24: Montessori Parent Curriculum Evening 7:00pm
  • Wednesday 25 April: Anzac Day Public Holiday School Closed
  • Saturday May 19: Open Day
  • Friday June 8: Montessori Curriculum Day School Closed
  • Monday June 11: Public Holiday School Closed
  • Friday June 29: Term 2 Finishes
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