Week 1 Term 1 2018

February 07, 2018

Firstly a warm welcome to all our new parents, we look forward to sharing the Montessori journey with your child and we are delighted that you have chosen this Montessori centre. Also a friendly welcome to our returning parents and we hope you all had a relaxing and happy holiday.

I would also like to welcome Dervla into the Fern Room with Karina now working with Vicky every day in the Early Starters class. Dervla will be working with Janelle and Claire on a Tuesday and Thursday morning.

Can you remember how you felt when you started a new job? You may have felt sick in the stomach, nervous, anxious, or all three. You may not have eaten breakfast or slept well the previous night.

Starting at an early education centre can be just as daunting for a young child. Leaving a trusted adult is a big step towards independence. If your child is used to being left, he or she still has to get used to the new environment, other children and unfamiliar adults. Even older children, returning to a familiar environment may need support to re-settle into the routines of school.

Ensure that the mornings when your child attends here are relaxed and unhurried. Do not put the television on in the morning but encourage and help them to dress themselves and your child can help make a packed lunch if required. Some children will separate with ease whilst others may require patience and help from parents and teachers for months. The Montessori staff will work with you to honour the needs and pace of your child. What we do ask is that you leave immediately and say goodbye firmly and decisively so that your child gets the message that you are leaving him or her in a safe place. If you are upset do not relay this to your child as he/she will also become distressed. Focus on your child and delay conversations with other parents until your child is confident in the surroundings. Do not resort to offering treats or giving toys if your child behaves how you believe they should. 

The activities of Practical Life such as threading, spooning, cleaning, pouring or digging in the garden are fantastic at settling young children and the staff here will ensure that your child has a selection of tasks that they can begin to use independently in the first few days.

Becoming a contributing member of a complex social structure like a classroom is not an easy task for a child. It takes time and many mistakes are made along the way. Our Montessori teachers provide the children with order in their environment, new skills for independence and consistent rules and routines they can rely on to orient themselves in their community.

Our first whole school event of the year is a Working Bee/Family barbecue on Saturday March 25 from 9am to approx 1pm. These working bees are very important to help to maintain the environment and it also allows the dads and mums to show off their DIY skills. We have a whole range of jobs to be completed so the more hands we have, the more that we will get done. There is also a Family Barbecue where you can enjoy a sausage or vegetarian option. This is a great time to meet other parents and for your child or children to play with some of their peers. We all look forward to seeing you there.

Remember that we have a Parent’s Library in my office and I recommend that you come in and borrow some Montessori reference books or DVD’s, which will help you understand more fully the Montessori philosophy. I also have many other educational articles on various topics from sleep habits, discipline, temper tantrums etc which may help you with your child at home. If you do have any questions please see your child’s teacher first as she will be able to help you with any queries you may have.

My door is always open and you can also call me on 0418 369 741 or email me at principal@donvalemeec.org There is a timetable on my door informing you of the weeks I am present at the centre.

When dropping off your child or children please be punctual. If you want your child to be greeted by the staff please be here by the starting time of your session. Also whilst waiting in the foyer ensure your child/children are being respectful and waiting quietly.

Also don’t forget to sign your child in and out every time they come. 

Remember to reverse your car in and do not stay in the car park chatting, as other parents need to find a space. There is always plenty of spaces up towards the football oval.Your co-operation in adhering to our Car Parking Policy is most appreciated.

We have a wonderful selection of uniforms. I would like to thank Simone Priestman (an ex-parent) for organising and helping design these gorgeous outfits. There are examples and order forms in the Sessional Foyer. Orders to be in by February 16th.

Do not let your child/children walk to the outside gate by themselves. Once signed out your child is your responsibility. Many young children are not  responsible enough to stay inside the gate when it is opened by somebody else. This is extremely important for the safety of all children.

Lastly you have chosen a Montessori education for your child, our promise to you is that the students here will be cherished as individuals and provided with all the needs to develop their own intellect at their own pace.


  • Monday 12 March: Labour Day Holiday Centre Closed
  • Sunday 25 March: Working Bee/Barbecue. 9:00am start
  • Thursday 29 March: Term One finishes
  • Tuesday 17 April: Students return for Term Two
  • Wednesday 25 April: Anzac Day Public Holiday Centre Closed
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