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  • MEEC is a registered charity!

    Yes, MEEC is a registered charity!  The ACNC has developed the Tick of Charity Registration (the Registered Charity Tick) for registered charities to show the public that they are registered with the ACNC. The Registered Charity Tick aims to give reassurance to the public that registered charities are transparent and accountable by highlighting their presence on the ACNC Charity Register. We trust that this will instill even more trust in the Centre.

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  • Week 1 Term 3 2018

    I hope everyone had a restful break and enjoyed spending extra time with their child/children without having to deliver them to school and pre-school. Remember that your child may want to stay at home with you now, rather than come back to school after spending quality time at home with mum, dad, brothers and/or sisters. This is a very natural response, just remember to explain that it is now time to go back to MEEC and you will be there again to pick them up on time. Term 3 (especially for the younger students) is often a time when the […]

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  • Week 11 Terms 2 2018

    How quickly this term has gone! We had our Montessori Quality Assurance assessment visit during Term 2. It was very successful and we have been reregistered for a further 3 years. A huge thanks to the staff who create such a high quality Montessori environment for all your children. Here is a photo of one of the MQAP consultants with Janelle and Jackie, next to our beautiful Pink Tower. Have a wonderful break and we will see you all here July 17th. See below all the news from all the classes. WATTLE CLASS We have had a very eventful and joyful […]

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  • Week 5 Term 2 2018

    The cold weather has certainly started although the children don’t seem to mind and still enjoy playing outside. It’s hard to believe that we are now nearly in the middle of Term 2. Walking around the rooms and observing in the classrooms it’s beautiful to see all the children working with such intent concentration and enthusiasm. We have our Open Day this Saturday from 10 -1pm so if you have any friends and/or family who are interested get them to come along and see our wonderful environment. Below is an article about ways to help manage your child’s emotions. How […]

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  • Week 2 Terms 2 2018

    This term has started beautifully. There have been a few tears from some of the younger children who take a little while settling in again after the holidays. This is completely normal as they have had mum, dad or grandma or the nanny with them at home for 2 whole weeks and having to go into the classroom again can be somewhat daunting.The teachers here are very experienced at re-directing the children and very soon they feel comfortable again. Don’t forget our Parent Curriculum Evening this Thursday April 26th from 7:00pm where you will have the opportunity to play with […]

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