The Centre

A safe haven
  • The Legal Structure

    Montessori Early Education Centre is an Association under the Associations Incorproation Reform Act 2012.


    The centre is located in Donvale, a few minutes from the Eastern Freeway. A Principal and an elected committee administer the centre. It is a non-profit educational organisation with no religious affiliations and contains a wide mix of nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

    The Members

    Each family is required to be a member of the Montessori Early Education Centre (MEEC). You become a member when the first enrolment fees are processed.

    Family Involvement

    As the Centre is not-for-profit, and to keep fees and costs to a minumum, all parents will be approached to be involved with Family BBQs, Working Bees, Open Days and so forth at various times during the year. These events are fun and encourage involvement in our community and with other families, as well as supporting the activities of the Centre.