• The Sessional Program is a 2 year program for children aged 3-5. The Centre runs two classes:- the Jasmine and Wattle Groups . Children in their first year attend for 11.5 hours per week and in their second year the children attend for 15 hours per week. Children remain in the same class for the total period of enrolment. See timetable below.

    Each session has two staff members with Montessori and Early Childhood qualifications caring for a maximum of 28 children. The Centre aims to have equal numbers of 3 and 4 years olds in the program.

    The Sessional program caters for children intending to follow onto Prep in mainstream primary education.

    Fees for the Sessional program are in the Schedule of Fees Policy.

    Sessional Program 2020

    • Jasmine 1st Year Students
      Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 9am to 12.15pm
    • Jasmine 2nd year students
      Monday, Tuesday 9am to 3pm
      Wednesday 9am to 12.15pm
    • Wattle 1st Year students
      Wednesday 1pm to 4pm
      Thursday, Friday 9am to 12.15pm
    • Wattle 2nd Year students
      Wednesday 1pm to 4pm
      Thursday, Friday 9am to 3pm
  • Meet the Sessional Teachers

    • May Al-Agha
      Directress - Jasmine Class
    • Sarah Lo
      Directress - Wattle Class
    • Soteria Sotiropoulos
      Teacher - Wattle Class
    • Kerryn Flatt
      Educater - Jasmine Class
Pricing Schedule


for 2020