Early Starters

  • The Early Starter program is the first introduction to our Montessori Centre. It provides an opportunity for your child/children to be active in a purposeful way, in an environment that supports creativity, exploration and observation. Children will develop concentration, independence and self confidence in an environment which has been purpose-built for their size and abilities.

    The program runs for 1 year for children aged 2-3 years of age. Your children attend for 2 or 3 sessions each week, each of 2 hours duration, without parents or care-givers.

    Fees for the Early Starter program are in the Schedule of Fees Policy.

    Four program sessions are available. Each session has 10 children looked after by the Directress and Assistant.

    • Group A
      Tuesday & Thursday morning
      9.00am to 11.00am
    • Group B
      Tuesday & Thursday afternoon
      12.45pm to 2.45pm
    • Group C
      Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning
      9.00am to 11.00am
    • Group D
      Monday, Wednesday & Friday afternoon
      12.45pm to 2.45pm
  • Meet the Early Starters Teachers

    • Vicky Mihailidis
      Directress - Early Starters
    • Dervla McGuigan
      Teacher - Fern Room/Part-time Administrator
    • Karina Forshaw
      Educater - Early Starters
Pricing Schedule


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