Cycle 2 & 3 at Mitcham

  • History

    In 2003, a group of MEEC parents and a Directress (Jackie Robson who was our former Principal) approached the Principal at Mitcham Primary School with a proposal to establish a Montessori stream within the school. By the beginning of 2004, after much hard work by the school, teacher, parents and children, the first Montessori class began at Mitcham Primary School.  The class started with 18 students in a fully-equipped Montessori Cycle 2/3 room, with a qualified teacher.  The program has since grown, and there are now 2 Montessori Cycle 2 rooms and 2 Cycle 3 rooms at Mitcham Primary School.

    Cycle Two and Three – Second Plane of Development

    At about 6 years of age, the power of the absorbent mind begins to fade and gives way to the reasoning, logical mind of the 6-12 year old.  Children of this age begin to move slowly from concrete to abstract reasoning.  They develop morality and imagination based on the reality they know. They become more independent, enjoy working with their peers and have a strong sense of right and wrong. 

    Cycle 2 and 3 children have a great thirst for knowledge, which is spontaneous and unlimited.  They seek to obtain order in their mental environment and want to know how, why and when things work. 

    A sense of awe and wonder is intrinsic to their learning.  It is not what they learn that is important, but how they learn.  It is essential that the adult guides and supports the child through their development and exploration of self and their environment.


    The Montessori curriculum is approached in an holistic way and all subject areas are interwoven. They include: Language, Mathematics, Cosmic Studies (Geography, History, Botany, Zoology and Science).  At the centre of this Cosmic Education lie the Great Stories and the study of the Fundamental Needs of Man.  These stories illustrate to the children the cycles and interdependence of all life from the beginning of time. 

    The children in the Cycle 2 and 3 classes at Mitcham Primary School not only have the benefit of a Montessori education, but also participate in the specialist subjects: Indonesian, Art, Physical Education, Music, Library Studies and other extra-curricular subjects. There are computers in the Montessori rooms and the children also have sessions in the Information Technology laboratories.  All key areas of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards are presented within the Montessori curriculum.


    Please contact Mitcham Primary School Principal on 9873 1551 to arrange an appointment to attend a school tour and to complete their enrolment form. 

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