Effective 1 January 2020
  • General

    The amount of fees, bond and the dates of payment may be subject to alteration at any time. However, it is the policy of MEEC to keep increases in fees, to a minimum.

    Download the current Schedule of Fees and Fee Policy.

  • Administration Fee

    A $150 non-refundable administration fee is payable in respect of each child and each enrolment (Early Starter and Pre-School) and must accompany an application for enrolment.
    The fee does not confirm a place in the Early Starter or Pre-School programs but places you on the waiting list. There are no circumstances under which the administration fee will be refunded.

    • Early Starter Two Day Programme

      The program runs for 1 year for children aged 2-3 years of age. Your child attend for 2 sessions each week, each of 2 hours duration.

      • Two program sessions are available
      • Max 10 children per session
      • 2 Staff members per session
      $855p / term
    • Early Starter Three Day Programme

      The program runs for 1 year for children aged 2-3 years of age. Your child attend for 3 sessions each week, each of 2 hours duration.

      • Two program sessions are available
      • Max 10 children per session
      • 2 Staff members per session
      $1,250p / term
    • Sessional

      The Sessional Program is a 2 year program for children aged 3-5 years.

      • 2 Classes available
      • Max 26 children
      • 2 Staff members
      $1,575p / term
    • Cycle 1

      The Cycle 1 program is a 3 year program for children aged 3-6 years.

      • 2 Cycle 1 rooms
      • Max 27 children per room
      • 2 Staff members per room
      $2,240p / term
  • Commencement Bond per child

    $855 : Early Starter – Two Day Programme
    $1,250 : Early Starter – Three Day Programme
    $1,575 : Preschool – Sessional
    $2,240 : Preschool – Cycle 1

    We draw your attention to the fact that Sessional is a two year program and Cycle 1 is a three year program. Your bond will be forfeited if your child does not complete the full two years of Sessional or the full three years of Cycle 1 as enrolled. If you accept a place, pay the bond and then decline the spot without your child/children starting at the Centre your bond will not be refunded. Please consider this carefully when enrolling your child.

    The bond is to accompany written acceptance of the offer of a place in the Early Starter, Sessional or Cycle 1 Programmes. This bond is held for the duration of a child’s enrolment. The Early Starter bond is returned at the end of the year or upgraded to the Sessional or Cycle One bond, as appropriate.

    Under no circumstances will a bond be refunded to pay Term 4 fees or fees related to the program at Mitcham Primary School. The bond for Sessional or Cycle One will be returned at the end of Term 4, at the completion of the program. If there are any outstanding fees including late fees owed, this outstanding amount will be deducted from the bond refund.

  • Program Fees

    $855 p/term $3,420 p/year : Early Starter – Two Day Programme 
    $1,250 p/term $5,000 per/year : Early Starter – Three Day Programme 
    $1,575 p/term $6,300 p/year : Preschool – Sessional 
    $2,240 p/term $8,960 p/year : Preschool – Cycle 1 

    Tuition fees are conditional upon there being no significant reduction in the funding by the State Government.

    Tuition fees will not be reduced by reason of non-attendance for any cause.

    If a position is offered to a child, to start attending MEEC during or later than Term 1 in any year, full fees are payable up to the child’s commencement date, to reserve the position.

    If a grant is not obtained from the Department of Education and Training for any four year old or older child, then the parent may be required to pay an additional fee, equal to the normal four year old per capita grant.

    If a child is enrolled after the start of the preschool year, the first pro-rata payment of fees must be received before or on the day the child commences at the Centre.


  • Payment

    Fee invoices are issued at the end of each preceding term and are payable by:

    First Term:        First day of Term 1
    Second Term:    First day of Term 1
    Third Term:      First day of Term 2
    Fourth Term:    First day of Term 3

    Upon request, receipts will be issued at the end of each term to parents eligible for the Childcare Cash Rebate.

  • Late Payment of Fees

    A late payment fee will apply if fees are not received at the start of the 2nd week of the term. The late payment fee will be $50.00 for every week or part thereof that the fees remain unpaid after these 7 days of grace. After the fourth week of term, the Centre Manager, in consultation with the committee, may decide to exclude your child if the fees are still unpaid.

  • Levies Included in the fee price

    Property Maintenance Fee

    To cover the cost of repairing the premises, small repairs, garden maintenance, window cleaning and daily cleaning of the interiors of the buildings.


    Term fees cover the cost of children’s attendance at excursions and incursions up to $13.50 per child. Where group excursion costs exceed this allowance, parents will be asked to contribute the difference. For certain excursions where transport is planned there will be an extra charge to the parents, which is not covered by the fees either.

    MAF Membership

    This is a fee for the Montessori Australia Foundation. Membership of the Montessori Early Education Centre
    One or both parents or guardians become registered members of MEEC. The cost of membership is presently $10.00 per person per year but is subject to alteration without notice. A position for the child is only available whilst at least one parent/guardian of the child remains a member. A membership carries with it certain rights to receive notices, attend meetings, abide by all the MEEC policies and to vote at Annual and/or Extraordinary General Meetings. Whilst it is only necessary for one parent to be a member, both are encouraged to join. As a member of MEEC you must notify the Administrator of any change of address as soon as possible.

    Levies not included in the fee price

    Fundraising Fee

    There is a $150 charge per family per year which you can redeem if you attend one working bee and one parent information. If you do not attend both the fee will be on the last term invoice. If the fee remains unpaid it will be deducted from your bond.

    Building Fund Fee

    There is an option $25 fee per family in term 1 and term 3. This will appear as an optional line item on the invoice and is for maintenance of buildings and fixtures and capital improvements. Should you choose to pay it, the fee is tax deductable on your personal tax return.

    School Photos

    School photos are done by external parties and are completely optional. Fees are paid directly to the supplier.