May 2014

  • Week 6 Term 2 2014

    Firstly I want to thank the staff for attending our Open Day and making it such a success. Although our enrolments for 2015 are extremely strong we always have parents who come along with babies who are interested in their child attending Donvale after 2015. We also want to advertise Montessori as a whole and the staff do a fantastic job at spreading the word. I also want to acknowledge the work of the committee both before and during the day, especially Shelley Martin our president who had other family members helping on the day and put up and took down our banner a few times!! […]

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  • Week 4 Term 2 2014

    Montessori Principles The Montessori approach to education relies on several fundamentals: Planes of Development – The Way Children Grow On the path from birth to adulthood the child passes through several distinct phases. In each of these phases he is not only physically different but he also has different psychological characteristics and therefore different developmental needs. At each phase, which Montessori called a ‘plane of development’, the child has such different physical and psychological characteristics that Montessori described the passing from one plane to the next as a ‘rebirth’, as if we have a new child at each new plane […]

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