February 2013

  • Week 6 Term 1 2013

    Firstly I would like to thank the parents who emailed Manningham Council regarding the Donvale Reserve Management Plan. We need to let the council know that we are a valuable community organisation that serves the surrounding suburbs offering a well-respected and authentic Montessori Programme. I will notify you when the draft document has been completed. As stakeholders we are then allowed to comment on the draft document. “Goodbye, and please try to be home before the children are in bed. And don’t forget you need to drop by the supermarket on your way home.” I remember my 3 year-old daughter saying […]

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  • Week 5 Term 2 2013

    Well the cold weather is certainly here but the children still love to be outside in the outdoors, they just need a few more layers on. ‘The Child in Nature’ When we think of nature many images come to mind; woods, rainforests, flowers, frogs, snakes, birds, rain, snow, sand, lakes, oceans and deserts among many others. Nature comes in many forms and it is a very important part of each of us. Nature helps us to keep ourselves in balance, it is part of our spiritual development. It helps us to keep our capacity of wonder alive and makes us […]

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  • Week 4 Term 1 2013

    What a hot start we have had to this term. The children are coping with the weather but please ensure your child is wearing appropriate clothes for the hot days. The new students have settled in really well and I would like to take this opportunity to give my appreciation to all the staff here who have worked incredibly hard to ensure that all the children feel safe and confident in their environment. Patience they say, is a virtue. It is also particularly hard to summon when you’ve got a three year old dawdling while you are trying to rush out […]

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  • Week 3 Term 2 2013

    Our weather is still holding up and it is great to still see the sun shining. We have had a very settled start to Term 2 and all the children are enjoying their time back in the classroom. From my observations it is very clear that the children have been presented many Montessori materials and are working with them in a diligent, responsible way. I would like to thank all the parents who assisted at our Bunnings’ barbecue. We raised just over $2,000 which was fantastic considering it wasn’t as busy as in the past years. A huge thank you […]

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